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The Adventurer program is designed by the Seventh-day Adventist church to support parents in assisting children in the four (4) to nine (9) year age group with the challenging task of developing fully as followers of Christ in today's world.

The Castle Hill Adventurer club operates between the middle of February to December. They meet at 2:00pm in the Stamford Hall on the 1st and 3rd Sabbath of every month.

Club time includes singing and pre-Pathfinder type activities earning awards (patches) by practicing new skills. Between 2:30 and 4:00, our teachers help the club members learn more about Jesus through nature and crafts during our small group activities.

Classes include:

Little Lamb (ages 3 ½ with parent through age 4)

Early Bird (age 5)

Busy Bee (age 6)

Sunbeam (age 7)

Builder (age 8)

Helping Hand (age 9)

The Adventurer curriculum designed so that:

Children will, at their own level, commit their hearts and lives to Jesus Christ.

Children will gain a positive attitude towards the benefits, joys, and responsibilities of living a Christian life.

Children will acquire the habits, skills and knowledge needed to live for Jesus today.

Parents and other primary care-givers will become more confident and effective in their role as collaborators with Christ for their children.

Church will accept its responsibility in assisting to care for its youth by providing and implementing a planned curriculum of religious education for this age level.

Characteristics of the Adventurer

Physical Characteristics

- I have boundless energy

- I am developing coordination

Mental Characteristics

- I learn by doing

- I am curious about everything

- I understand what I can see and touch

- I like variety

Socio-Emotional Characteristics

- I am learning social skills

- I am becoming more independent

- I need success and approval from you

- I am easily overexcited

- I am very social