"When Your Dreams Get Hijacked - Genesis 37" - Joshua Stothers

03 Mar 2024

Welcome to our church's YouTube channel! In this powerful sermon from our series "From Pit to Palace," we delve into the timeless story of Joseph, a man whose dreams were hijacked by unforeseen circumstances. Join us as we uncover the profound lessons embedded in Joseph's journey and discover how they resonate with our lives today.

Have you ever felt like your dreams were shattered or diverted? Perhaps you've experienced setbacks, betrayals, or unexpected twists that have left you questioning your path. Through Joseph's story, we find inspiration and guidance on navigating these challenging seasons with faith and resilience.

As we explore Joseph's remarkable transformation from the depths of a pit to the heights of a palace, we uncover valuable insights into overcoming adversity, maintaining hope in the face of uncertainty, and trusting in God's sovereign plan, even when it seems like our dreams have been derailed.

Join us for this empowering message by Pr Josh Stothers as we learn to reclaim our dreams, overcome obstacles, and embrace the journey of transformation. Don't miss out on this opportunity to discover how Joseph's story can illuminate our own paths and inspire us to persevere in the midst of adversity.

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