Creative Activities

Creative Activities

Creative Activities is a program for our community. It’s a place to learn new skills and make new friends.

We see Creative Activities as an opportunity to improve your quality of life, bringing satisfaction and peace of mind in a friendly environment.

When asked what Creative Activities means to them, here is what the participants said: Friendship, fun, with lots of laughing. Sometimes we even do a little bit of stitching.

The joy of seeing so many happy people enjoying each other’s company.

The classes available to all are:

TAI CHI: The class starts at 9:30am. It’s an easy going, gentle exercise to improve your health and help you relax.

THOUGHT OF THE WEEK: At 10:30am, guest speakers from all walks of life share their experiences and thoughts with the Creative Activities team for a few minutes. ART: Choose your medium, oil, pencil, acrylic, and discover your hidden talent. B.Y.O CRAFT: Can’t find a class that suits your needs? Then bring your own craft and join with others who feel the same way.

CROCHETING: Relax and enjoy this ageless craft, which will add charm and interest to any item.

CROSS-STITCH: Stitch heirlooms or just enjoy creating with embroidered crosses on counted or linen fabric.

ENGLISH CONVERSATION CLASSES: Improve your communication skills in this fun discussion group.

MAKING THE MOST OF MEDIA: Learn to navigate your way around your new media devices (iPhone/ android, laptop, iPad) so you can make them work their best for you.

SCRAPBOOK MEMORIES: Photos, photos everywhere—and now a way to display and store them safely and creatively so memories can be enjoyed by all.

SEWING: Would you like to produce attractive, useful, and economical garments for you and your family? Learn to sew—imagine the savings while catering your own wearable works of art.

TAPESTRY: Using interlaced threads to create beautiful pictures.


The term Tatting is derived from an Indian word, Tattie, which means to make tight or taut. Why not try your hand at this ancient art.

TUNISIAN CROCHET: The oldest form of knit crochet and a mixture of both. Using one long crochet hook & cotton or wool—it can be worked quickly into rugs or garments.

Where: Castle Hill Seventh-day Adventist Church

84 Cecil Avenue

Castle Hill NSW 2154

When: Wednesday’s during school terms. 9:30am – 12:00pm